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                             Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,Transgender
                                     Community Council

About Us...
     "Bridging the Gap" in Northern NY State

The Bridge (LGBTCC), Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Charitable organization dedicated to serving our lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender [LGBT] communities in and around Warren County and proudly serving the entire region since The Bridge incorporated June 5th, 2006. We`re here for you! Contact us anytime if you have any questions. We value your input.  

Learn more  and consider volunteering your professional services and time? 

The Bridge is an organizational member of the New York State LGBT Health and Human Services Network and an active member of the Network`s Healthcare committee. We are also members of the Adirondack Regional Chamber of Commerce [ARCC], the listing is on our "Contact Us" page along with links to all our "social networking" groups. The Bridge pledges to continue to pursue our ultimate goal: establish a local LGBTQ community center offering an array of social and educational programs. Being a charitable organization, we pledge that all donations and grants will be used only for public benefit. Our goals and mission is to:

  •   Provide a safe and welcoming environment and meeting place for all LGBT individuals and allies

  •  Empower LGBT individuals and groups to achieve their own goals and potential

  •  Expand the public`s awareness and understanding of our local/regional LGBT communities

  •  Foster a culture of diversity, inclusion, and equality for all individuals

  •  Advocate in defense of human and civil rights secured by law and advocate for the rights of those who do not yet enjoy full civil and legal rights accorded to others

  •  Lesson neighborhood tensions between the LGBT communities and non-LGBT people 

  •  Assist in aiding the elimination of LGBT prejudice and discrimination
  •  Seek ways to bring relief to the under-served LGBT populations in northern New York State by creating, in part, coalitions with other organizations and professionals whom which our interests in community services are mutual.  

"One People, One World"

Here are just a few of our accomplishments:

* Participate in the annual Matthew Shepard Memorial Walk, honoring the memory of a young gay man who died a violent death due to his sexual orientation; a public declaration of our stand against hate and discrimination.

* Sponsored a Halloween Costume Party and Social for LGBTQ families and children and the kids AND adults had a great time

* Sponsored LGBT Valentines Day Dances for the whole family. Last dance, over 40 people attended, many were youngsters

* Conduct monthly, free, and confidential HIV/Hep-C/STD`s screenings with special thanks to the AIDS Council NENY for providing this ongoing public service. For over 3 years The Bridge has been privilaged to offer this program to our LGBT communities 

* Advocated successfully for a transgendered female who was denied the use of the `gender appropriate` bathroom and other similar requests for The Bridge to help continue.

* Act as a
service site for the Washington County Youth Court Program in which one young member served her community service

* Present “Transgender 101” programs as part of “Human Sexuality" class (Biology 113) at Adirondack Community College from 09/08 to present. Each academic calendar year

* Conducted LGBT sensitivity training for staff at the Essex County Mental Health Association

* Conduct home visits for shut-in`s. socialization efforts and advocacy for all LGBT adults and youth. The Bridge gets referrals from Adult Protective Services and Family and Youth Services
for their gay, lesbian, and transgender clients

* Particiapted in September 2006 & September 2007 AIDS Walks

* Panelled on “Suicide and Substance Abuse: The Silent Connection” at Lake Placid, NY conference, offering an LGBT perspective in today’s rural communities in the Adirondacks, a program offered by the Adirondack Rural Health Care Network. March, 2008 which 400 health professionals attended

* Presented "Suicide across the Lifespan Consortium: An LGBT Perspective" in Syracuse, NY. Offered by the Central New York State Mental Health Association Annual Conference, June 2008.

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